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2 min readAug 11, 2020


As the COVID-19 environment continues to challenge everyone, we wanted to touch base to assure you of our continued presence and ongoing activity.

We are all hard at work supporting our Members and Borrowers from different home locations in Melbourne, with some staff in the office.
We are a “permitted workplace” under the latest Stage 4 restrictions, however the majority of staff will continue to work from home.
The well-being and safety of our staff and our clients is paramount.

During the Stage 4 restrictions we will continue to communicate with you by phone, email and mail.

It would only be in urgent circumstances that you can attend our offices. We will remain accessible and responsive to everyone in an appropriate manner.

With the limitations in the movement of people around Melbourne, we can clearly see the city slowing down.

Some of our building development sites are subject to the current restrictions with reduced workforce numbers, and we are in touch with all Borrowers where this is the case. Most of our current developments are in the residential subdivision space, so these sites have not been affected by the changes, considered to be low risk activities in greenfield sites with plenty of space and in the open air. All sites do need to have a specific COVIDSafe Plan in place. We are communicating with all relevant parties to ensure the correct protocols are being followed and we are reviewing development programs as needed.

We continue to pay rates between 7.00% and 8.50% on a monthly basis depending on the Sub Scheme loan facility.

Please note during this time, we have detected higher incidences of attempted fraud. Cyber criminals are becoming very sophisticated and can impersonate emails, purporting to be from RMBL. We would strongly suggest that you call our office to verify any such email instructions before acting on the same. Additionally, if you ever receive an unsolicited phone call from a person purporting to be from RMBL seeking any form of payment, you must always call our office directly before acting on any such request.

Members can contact any one of the Investment Team to discuss your investments, or new funds you may have to place. There is always a need for new funds for the ongoing projects we are funding.

Borrowers can contact any one of the Loans Team with any queries you may have. Our contact details can be found here.

Thank you for your continued support!



RMBL Investments Limited

RMBL Investment Limited is an Australian Financial Services Licensed contributory mortgage investment manager.